Dr. Chung is an amazing doctor! She heals you where it’s needed. You will leave her office feeling refreshed and renewed. She has helped, and still is helping, my son with his condition, and has done wonders! I recommend Dr. Chung to everyone!
— Raquel C.
An exceptional healer! She has helped transcend my health to a whole new level, from overall improvement, pain management to weight loss. I am indebted to her wisdom and practice!
— Anet K.

"What can I say about my experience with Dr. Chung?
She is not only my guru, but my friend. She is a diamond in the rough who truly cares about her patients. She works with not only her mind, but her heart as well. Dr Chung's knowledge base is mind blowing! She is not only an acupuncturist but an accredited doctor with such vast knowledge.
She has shown me how to alter my life for the better and the results are unbelievable. Nothing is off limits. She is always willing to go the extra mile to help and has such an infectious smile. Her positive energy is intoxicating. I have brought my mother and fiancé to Dr Chung and have recommended her to many more and will continue to do so. Thank you Dr. Chung, from the bottom of my heart. Hoping to be a patient of yours for life!!! xo"
| Samantha F.

"Dr. Chung is the gift that keeps on giving. 

I injured my right shoulder and was in so much pain it was hard using my laptop to look for help when I discovered her 5 star reviews.  She was nearby (which was helpful as I couldn't drive) and made time in her busy schedule to see me right away.  24 hours after her treatment I was able to move my right arm from chest level to above my head!  I am looking forward to my next visit.  Such a professional, knowledgeable, beautiful health advocate, and in walking distance no less!  I have already reccomended her to a couple of friends."
| Lisa M.

After almost 4 years of trying to get pregnant, three miscarriages and one failed IVF, I was sent to Dr. Chung by my massage therapist. After only 5 weeks of going to her and following her instructions I was pregnant. I now have a beautiful and healthy 10-month-old and I feel like I owe it all to her. I cannot reccomend her enough!
— Leela P.
I first met Dr. Chung when I was trying to get pregnant in 2013, after 2 back-to-back babies I still go to see her. I had the worst back pain ever for months (as in I couldn’t take a deep breath) and after Western medicine told me that I had to suffer and slowly recover I decided to go to see her. ONE time: BOOM. Pain gone. This woman is great.
— Fernanda F.

"I was inspired by one of the reviews [on Yelp] to see if the doctor could tell me what was wrong with me, instead of me telling her. So, I was vague on my intake form, and when we met I asked her to please indulge me and tell me what she thought was going on? She was friendly about it, and she checked my pulses and told me I have "depleted kidney chi". 
Well, I was initially disappointed because I have "mild adrenal burnout" not "depleted kidney chi". But, when I searched "adrenal burnout acupuncture" I saw several links telling me that in the Chinese system, the adrenals are considered part of the kidney, and that "adrenal burnout" would likely be diagnosed as "depleted kidney chi"!!! Wow. She nailed it! 
Also - I was recently sick with a head cold, chest cold, with accompanied by headaches. She treated me and cleared up the headaches that had been going on for days, as well as changed the way my head felt. I felt a lot more clear, and my sinuses felt tightened up. It brought a lot of relief. I'm still a relatively new patient, but so far I'm extremely impressed with Dr. Chung's intuition and knowledge."
| Joanna E.

Let me start off by saying, Sue is one of the most amazing people I’ve met, she’s very kind and knows exactly what she’s doing! I’ve seen Sue for 8 months and I feel 10x better than I have for 10 years! I can’t say enough good things about Sue’s techniques! Thank you!
— Arthur K.

"After first trying another acupuncturist who seemed more concerned about money than treating me, I decided to see Dr. Chung. I have been treated by Dr. Chung for the past year. I came to see Dr. Chung with hopes of increasing my chances of conceiving on our third cycle of IVF. After trying for 5 year to conceive naturally and through assisted conception I came to Dr. Chung. I should also mention I had 2 failed cycles of IVF, 2 failed cycles of IUI and suffered from severe endometriosis pain. With that I was only given a 3% chance of conceiving naturally by western doctors. Within the first few treatments my endometriosis pain was non-existent.   I was amazed, there was no more pain. Fast forward 8 months later and I'm pregnant! I followed her instructions and took one cycle of her tonic. After being given such a low percentage of conceiving naturally I thought it would never happen but thanks to Dr. Chung's help I was able to achieve it.  I totally recommend her to anyone who is having trouble conceiving naturally or has been given discouraging news by western doctors.   She is God sent."
| Ana B.

"I can't say enough good things about Dr. Chung. She helped me get pregnant after bring told by fertility specialists that I had less than a 3% chance of conceiving due to low AMH. I started seeing Dr. Chung in July 2014 and on the first day, she gave me hope and told me that I will not have a problem conceiving but that my health issues may prevent me from maintaining a pregnancy and that she was there to help me.
She has made me two different tonics and a special diet to help with my spleen, liver and kidney essences and I have two acupuncture sessions with her weekly. I am happy to say that after 5 months of seeing her and following her advice, I am now pregnant! I also wanted add that I even had IVF that failed. IVF supposedly increases your chances of getting pregnant by 30% but it didn't work for me. What did work was continuing my acupuncture sessions with Dr. Chung, helping with my fertility and health.
Dr. Chung is so passionate about her specialty. She is very kind, compassionate, professional and extremely knowledgeable. If you have infertility issues and were told that you cannot get pregnant by physicians who practice Western medicine, I recommend seeing Dr. Chung and following her every advice."
| Samantha V.

I was suffering from PCOS for about a decade until I met Dr. Chung. A miracle worker! Western medicine did nothing for me except continue to put me on birth control pills which never fully helped my cycle and left me with great anxiety. Dr. Chung is very confident in her approach. Using tonics and acupuncture, in three months my cycle was the most normal it has ever been, and my cysts reduced to 5-8 in each ovary! Before there were about 30-40 in each. My acne is slowly fading away and I just feel better overall. She worked hand in hand with a high protein diet and physical exercise. Totally recommend her!!!
— Alina D.

"I started a treatment of 12 sessions with Dr. Chung in July, my physical therapist sent me to acupuncture after trying so many anti-inflammatory treatments...I could not take it anymore, my stomach was so irritated that I could not handle drugs or medical treatments anymore! This was my last resort! I was in such pain, so tired... At my first visit Dr. Chung asked me several questions to see what kind of therapy I needed, we started with regular acupuncture and cupping for detoxification. This was a little painful at the moment but very effective. Then we started the electrostimulation. I really started to feel better after just 3 to 4 sessions. My pain started to be more manageable and I didn't need to take any other medication. I bought the herbs that she recommended me for inflammation, this herb is really amazing and high quality ... She is really professional and she doesn't push you to buy, she just explains to you how essential it is to complete your treatment (and she s pretty flexible for payments too). I already referred 3 friends to her, and they are very happy with the results. One of my friends is trying to get pregnant, another is suffering of shoulder pain and another one is 8 months pregnant. She can treat different medical problems at the same time. She helping me with fibromyalgia and ankle problems and stress management. At this point of my treatment I can say that I'm feeling 80 percent better! I couldn't expect any better in 3 months and after taking for 8 months anti-inflammatory pills and pain killers! I would recommend acupuncture for everyone! It can help with stress before getting to the point of fibromyalgia! I wish I would have received this advise a year ago."
| Serena N.

"Sue is not just an acupuncturist she is a guru and an accredited doctor with far more knowledge about the physical and spiritual cycles which affect our health. I tried acupuncture years ago to quit smoking and when it worked had faith to return when I was suffering from a chronic allergy issue where I was very sick in mornings and had developed a drastic reaction to alcohol. Sue put me on a special diet with her acupuncture sessions and cured me. She also helped me when I was going through some very difficult emotional situations with needles that would stay in my ear for extended periods and returned my life to a happy balance. Also she is Korean and has far more knowledge then a western trained acupuncturist which in my experience has made and offered a great deal of difference.

She is highly recommended not only as a physician but as a person."

| Laura W.