Oriental medicine is preventative medicine.

Our custom blended herbal tonic is meant to prevent illnesses or ailments that can be anticipated by checking the pulse and by tongue diagnosis. The herbal tonic is designed to flush the toxins from the body. When oxidation stops the stomach creates a fever and becomes acidic, activating the cancer cells in the body. The herbal tonic helps to unclog the arteries, freeing the flow of oxygen to the brain, as well as assists in clearing the body of blood stasis, or "dead blood," in oriental medicine.

By taking a custom blend herbal tonic, we can decrease swelling and reduce pain and irritation to the nervous system. The herbal tonic works hand in hand with your acupuncture treatment. Weekly treatments help to circulate the stagnation of qi and blood, and you are given exercises to stretch the sacrum and hip joints, allowing enough room for the herbal tonic to kick in, alleviating irritation on the nerve.

Every ingredient in the tonic is fermented, placed in a stone pot, and buried in the ground for three months in winter. When the perfect fermentation occurs, the ingredients are removed from the pot, steamed and dried 9 times, then freeze dried. Because all of the ingredients are fermented, they balance the probiotic level in the gut system. Ingredients are specifically catered to the patients symptoms or illness.

Main ingredients:

Korean jujube
Tumeric root
Goji berry (200 lbs.)
Gukwha flower
Ginger root
Truffle mushroom
Young gi mushroom
Sangwhang mushroom
Deer antler
Wild Korean ginseng (aged 15 years)